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Why you should use video in your B2B sales cycle

According to the research done by CEB on the Challenger Selling Method, “Tailoring” messaging is one of the three pillars for selling business-to-business in the 21st century.


5 Steps to Defining an Approach for your Video

In some cases, a great idea for a video just pops into your head. But most of the time, it takes work to develop an idea.


How to get the most out of executive video interviews

Executive video interviews can be challenging, even for experienced video producers. But they don’t have to be. A few simple guidelines and tips can help make this experience a breeze.


Four considerations when choosing between live action and animation

It can be tough deciding between the right approach for your video – animation is fun and lively while live-action can really bring a real-world or human element.


The Most Useful Resources For Creating Internal Videos For Your Business

Creating internal videos to communicate with your company is a fantastic way to boost engagement with your workers, promote knowledge of the progression of business, build morale, and help onboard new workers quickly and easily.


4 Things You Must Include within a Video Creative Brief

Creative Briefs are a common tool for documenting requirements. So, what should be included with a Video Creative Brief?


4 Ways to Repurpose Your Video

One of the best ways you can extend the reach and overall shelf-life of your content is by repurposing your videos.


The Top 5 Things To Consider When Writing Your First Video Script

Whether you’re writing a script for a corporate video or putting together some executive interviews, it’s can be a huge challenge to put together your first video script – but we’ve got five tips that can help you as you write and film your first video.


The Ultimate Video Creative Brief

If you’re looking to get started with video, it helps to have a solid foundation. This template provides all of the key questions required to get your video off to the right start.


3 Main Areas of Budgeting for a Video Project

Budgeting is important for all types of projects. So, what are the main budget areas for video production?


Where To Find Inspiration For Your Company’s Brand Anthem Video

A brand anthem video is a fantastic way to encapsulate the experience of your corporate brand in a slick, smooth, well-produced piece of video content that’s a pleasure to watch, and perfectly sums up what makes your company and its brand exciting, powerful, and different from the competition.


The Ultimate B2B Video Buyer’s Guide

Increasingly, organizations are turning to video in order to engage with their audience. However, it takes a variety of skillsets to develop professional video content that moves the needle.


5 Components to a Video Marketing Strategy

Video is a key part of your marketing strategy. But, what are the major components needed for a successful strategy?


How to Develop Videos for Your Customer Journey

Let’s face it, the journey that buyers go through these days is pretty complex. So, where does video fit in?


4 Key Elements that Set the Tone for Your Video

Tone of voice isn’t just for written formats such as emails, online ads, website copy or print collateral.


Using Video Before, During or After Your Event

When you include in-person events as part of your strategy, it’s important to get the most out of these interactions with customers.


3 Key Questions to Answer When Determining the Length of Your Video

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. So, if you’re trying to connect with your audience through video…what’s the best length to use?


Live Action or Animation? 3 Key Questions

There are several different types of videos. But, often…people find themselves deciding between a live action format or animation.

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