• Strategy

    One of the most important components of effective video advertising involves the development of a strategy. With Motion Advertiser™, we not only develop an initial strategy, we consistently work with your team to ensure advertising aligns with company objectives. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from our Account Managers when launching video advertising services:

    • Strategic Plan Development and Refinement
    • Ongoing Analysis of Advertising Metrics
    • Ongoing Testing of Advertising Copy and Creative Assets
    • Delivery of Bi-weekly Status Reports
  • Advertising Assets

    Motion Advertiser™ includes all of the required elements needed to reach your decision-makers. We not only develop video ads using our internal production team, but we also build the components around the videos. Motion Advertiser™ is a complete turn-key system, including the following major assets:

    • :15 or :30 video ads for distribution on social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and more
    • 1-2 minute landing page videos designed to increase conversions
    • Landing page design, development and hosting
    • Integration of data from lead-capture forms within your CRM or other method of tracking (marketing automation system, email, internal database, etc.)
  • Distribution

    Without distribution, you just have a video. Motion Advertiser™ handles all aspects of a video advertising plan for B2B marketers. In order to generate leads, we set up and manage campaigns within all of the major advertising networks relevant to B2B audiences. By working with our team, you can remain hands-off with the technical aspects of video ad campaigns and let us do the heavy lifting. Here are a few key elements provided with video distribution:

    • Distribution on major networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and many more
    • Usage of both native advertising or display formats – depending upon your lead generation goals
    • Set up of video advertising campaigns within your organization’s accounts
  • Reporting & Analytics

    Developing accurate reports and capturing the right data are some of the biggest challenges B2B marketers face when advertising across different platforms. In order to ensure accurate reporting, we have developed a customized system called Motion Track™ that aggregates data from all video advertising platforms and presents it in a single view. Here is a snapshot of what you can expect when implementing video advertising programs in our system:

    • Normalized view of impressions, clicks, conversions and advertising spend within each network and across your entire campaign
    • Comparative reports analyzing the effectiveness of different ads on the separate networks

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