Video Helps The Reps That Need It

According to the research done by CEB on the Challenger Selling Method, “Tailoring” messaging is one of the three pillars for selling business-to-business in the 21st century.

Which is no problem if you have a team filled with Challenger sellers that have the ability to sell in that fashion. Odds are, most teams, however, don’t have that luxury. Because only 27 percent of sales reps fall into the Challenger category.

So what do you do with the other 73 percent? Give them something to supplement their delivery of your messaging.

In Comes Video To Your B2B Sales Cycle

Not every hire is going to be an all-star performer. Use video to help those who may not be Challengers and that need the extra assistance.

Whether it’s because they’re new or because they’re a middle-of-the-pack performer give them video collateral that will help them through that process.

How often do you wonder what your reps are saying on the phone? Are they still learning and do they fully comprehend the ins and outs of your product? Do they clearly understand the mission of your organization and are they relaying that to your appropriately?

Take the guesswork out of it and give them a tool that helps to tell that story.

Forbes believes you can use video to show different items to your prospect throughout the sales cycle. Show: the product, the problem, the solution, a testimonial, ideas. If you provide any of those, you won’t have to worry about what is being said, because you have control over that messaging.

Use Video Throughout The Buyer Journey

What stages of the customer's journey work best with video? All of them!

HubSpot states that you can use video to convert your prospects up the funnel starting at the bottom of the funnel all the way to the final customer conversion stage. Visitors can become Leads, Leads to MQLs, MQLs to Opportunities and Opportunities to Customers.

Video is the ultimate way to ensure that your team is telling your story, the right way. If you’re a technology company, your future clients will all hear about how the technology works with through the same lens. If you’re a services company, your sales reps won’t say one thing and your project managers another.

Whether it’s your CEO giving an overview of the company, a product demonstration video with screen grabs, an animated whiteboard video breaking down complex subject matter or a testimonial from one of your clients, video gets everyone on the same page, using the same story and the right messaging.

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