A brand anthem video is a fantastic way to encapsulate the experience of your corporate brand in a slick, smooth, well-produced piece of video content that’s a pleasure to watch, and perfectly sums up what makes your company and its brand exciting, powerful, and different from the competition.

But sometimes it’s hard to find the inspiration you need to create an exciting and powerful brand anthem video. So here are some simple tips to help you find the inspiration you need to create an incredible brand anthem.

Analyze Public Perception Of Your Brand

One of the best ways you can get inspiration for your brand anthem is by conducting in-depth research about the public perception of your brand.

Let’s take “The North Face”, for example. What comes to mind when you think of this brand? The outdoors? Adventurousness? Durability? Excitement?

Do the same thing with your brand – think through how your company and your brand are presented to the public – and don’t be afraid to turn to market research and other resources at your disposal, if available.

Just this simple thought exercise can help you understand how your brand is perceived, and what strengths (and weaknesses) can be addressed and emphasized in a successful brand anthem.

Talk To Your Employees

A brand anthem video isn’t just about presenting a great face-forward to the public – it’s also about exciting and emphasizing corporate values to your team. In the spirit of this, employees of the company should be interviewed and asked about their own perception about your brand, and what excites them about working at your company.

Their answers may be different than the answers you get from your public perception exercises, and can give you valuable insights on approaches to take, in your brand anthem video.

Look At Previous Branding and Marketing Material

While previous branding and marketing material may not be directly applicable to the current approach of your corporate brand, past campaigns and content can be a valuable tool when it comes to understanding your brand trajectory, story, and past approaches to branding.
This content is also usually very useful for pure inspiration – there’s a good chance you’ll run across a particularly insightful or exciting ad or piece of marketing material that can give you a fantastic idea for your brand anthem video.

Think About Corporate History – And Find A Story

Finally, take a deep look at the history of your company. What makes it special? What makes it different? How have things changed over the past decade – or the past century?

There is a story behind every company – and these stories are different for each and every company out there. By looking at the past, you can gain valuable insights about the future.

And remember, people respond to stories. Stories are natural for humans – we understand the basics of storytelling instinctively, and these can be very powerful tools when making a brand anthem video.

Inspiration isn't everything when it comes to a brand anthem video, but finding the right inspiration for your video is certainly a large portion of the work.

So if it’s hard, don’t get discouraged. The right idea for your brand anthem video is going to be simple, intuitive, and play to the strengths of your brand – and ensure that you continue to move forward in the right direction.

Once you have the idea, it will be like a lightning strike – a bolt of inspiration – and the rest of the process will be easy. So follow the above steps, get inspired, and get ready to create the best brand anthem video you’ve ever made.

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