There are several different types of videos. But, often...people find themselves deciding between a live action format or animation.
So, before you decide, let’s take a look at three questions you should answer first.

Is My Message Abstract?

When choosing between live action or animation, first ask my message abstract? If your message is more conceptual or complex, animation may be a better alternative than live action. Animation helps explain difficult concepts by using illustrations and other design elements. Animation can help connect with viewers who may have a hard time understanding your product or service.

Do I Need to Humanize My Message?

One of the most powerful aspects of video is the ability to humanize a brand. Video can connect on a personal level like no other medium. So, when you set out to create a video, ask yourself - Do I need to humanize my message? If you’re looking for that personal connection, then live action is a good choice.

How Often Will I Need Updates?

One of the difficult parts of live action video is handling updates. So, when you are choosing between live action or animation...ask yourself - how often will I have to update my video? If your message will change quite a bit or if you even want to update the visuals, then animation could be a better alternative.

At the end of the day, animation and live action are both good choices...but there might be a better option depending upon your type of project.

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