Let’s face it, the journey that buyers go through these days is pretty complex. At the top of the funnel, buyers develop an awareness of a solution. In the middle of the funnel, buyers ask questions, search for information and uncover alternatives. And, towards the bottom of the funnel, we see audiences evaluate alternatives before moving forward with a product or service.

Since we know buyers go through this complicated process, it’s important to think about how video fits into these different stages.
At the top of the funnel, it’s important to create video content that builds awareness. Explainer videos, brand anthem videos, executive interviews, and specific videos hitting on major pain points..these .are all great ways to reach people at the top of the funnel.

In the middle of the funnel, it’s important to demonstrate your industry expertise. Since this is the stage buyers start to consider your product or service, it’s important to separate yourself from the pack. And...this is where video really shines. Specific product videos or case studies are great ways to connect with your audience in this consideration stage.

As buyer’s reach the bottom of the funnel, it’s important to give them a glimpse of what it will be like to work with your company. At this stage, you can use a culture video or a series of thought leadership interviews. Video is a great way to introduce your company and team members to your prospects. When at the bottom of the funnel, it’s important to inspire your audience to take action and video can really hit on those emotions as buyers make a final decision.

Ultimately, there are different ways to use video along the buyer’s journey. So, before you develop your next video, think about the mindset of your customers and where they are in the journey.

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