In some cases, a great idea for a video just pops into your head. But most of the time, it takes work to develop an idea. If you want your video to hit on all of the objectives….you should establish a solid approach up front. Let’s take a look at the five steps needed to build a structure for your video content.

1. Identify the tone

First, it’s pretty important to determine the tone of your video. Are you going to use humor? Emotion? Will it be more formal? Or, will it have a conversational approach? Whatever tone you establish...just make sure it ties to the audience and fits within your brand.

2. Determine the format

Video is exciting because there are so many different formats or styles. You can use interviews and b-roll. You can use voiceover and b-roll. You can develop your own story. Work with an on-camera host. Or, you can use animation and other graphics. Just pick the format that works and build from there.

3. Establish a visual style

One of the reasons video is so powerful is because it’s visual. It stands out. So, one of the main things you’ll want to do is establish a visual style for your video. In this step of the process, it’s important to gather inspiration. Take a look at other videos. Photographs. Illustrations. Websites. want to start to visualize how this video will come together.

4. Discuss music & sound effects

A video is more than just a series of frames. It’s a combination of audio and visual content. So...don’t forget to think about music and sound effects. In the earlier stages of a project, take note of the type of music that will fit with the video. Revisit the objectives. Review the tone and format that you’re moving forward with. Make sure the music is in line with the overall approach.

5. Draft a Creative Brief

After you’ve gone through the first four steps, it’s important to get everyone on the same page. And, that’s why a Creative Brief is important. Once you’ve discussed the tone, format, visual style and music...make sure you document everything in a single place. The final document doesn’t have to be too in-depth...just ensure you are able to describe the approach to the video and get clarity with all of the stakeholders within the Creative Brief.

Ultimately, these steps will ensure you have a solid approach to your video project and will set your team up for success.

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