Tone is very important when communicating with an audience. And...people often think about tone of voice for written formats such as emails, online ads, website copy or print collateral. But tone is very important with video content as well. So, let’s take a look at four elements that help set the tone of your video.

1. The Hero

Every video has a voice or a “hero.” The primary subject can be an executive, employee, actor or it can even be the person doing the voiceover. Whatever format you choose, the video has a featured subject. So, when you identify the subjects you’re going to use for the video, think about how their overall demeanor will connect with the audience.

2. The Visuals

Let’s face it, video is a very visual medium. This is what sets video apart from other types of content. So, when you’re thinking about the visual framework for your video...think about what this says to the viewer. Should you use high-end cinematic footage or will a quick video captured from a smartphone do the trick? Whatever your decision, just realize that the visual approach is a big piece of establishing a connection with the audience.

3. The Format

The style or format of your video contributes to the tone as well. An interview-based video sets a completely different tone than a narrative.Usually, a documentary-style video sets a different tone than an animated video. When you pick a format, think about how you want the audience to feel and what action you want them to take.

4. The Sound

One of the most overlooked elements about the tone of video is the sound. Background music and sound effects establish a connection with the viewer. The tempo and overall feeling created with sound are very important elements to consider. So, when you get started on your next project, make sure you think about the sound at the beginning of a project and determine how it’ll impact your connection with the viewer.

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