It’s no secret. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. So, if you’re trying to connect with your audience through video...what’s the best length to use? Let’s review a set of three questions you can ask to help provide some answers around the proper length for your next video.

1. Do I need more than two minutes to get my message across?

One of the first questions you can ask yourself is - Do I need more than two minutes to get my message across? If you can develop a script and create a concise message within 90 to 120 seconds...then that is a great length. These days, most videos on the web are less than two minutes. And, according to statistics released by large video publishers, the attention span of viewers drops significantly after two minutes. So if you can get to the point quickly, then go ahead and do it.

2. Where Am I Distributing the Video?

One of the other things to consider about the length of the video has to do with the distribution. In some cases, if you’re developing a 15-second ad, you’re already locked in with the duration. However, if you’re creating a promotional video or an explainer video, then it’s not as cut and dry. Let’s say you’re creating a corporate video that will be published on Youtube or on your company’s website, then 1-2 minutes is really a sweet spot. However, if you have a captive audience at an event, then it’s possible to give yourself a little more time if you need it - let’s say 3-4 minutes.

3. What is the Mindset of the Audience?

With video, it’s so important to think about your audience and their mindset. If you’re creating a promotional video to build awareness for your’ll want to keep your message as short as possible - definitely under two minutes. On the other hand, if you’re targeting audiences further down a sales funnel, then you might want to extend the message with a more in-depth video that goes beyond two minutes.

Ultimately, there is no perfect length for any video. But, if you think about your message, where you’re distributing the video and understand the mindset of your can at least have a range to work within.

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