Our Process – Motion

We Discover

One of the first things we do is listen.

We feel it’s incredibly important to understand what sparked your project, identify the objectives and uncover how you plan to use the video for your company. During the discovery process, we ask quite a few questions and involve any necessary stakeholders from your organization. We absorb as much as we can, in the beginning, so we can hit the mark with the final deliverable.


We Strategize and Plan

Before we dive into filming or animation, we make sure we're on the same page.

Our team, led by a Project Manager, works together to create a conceptual approach for the video. The strategy identifies the visual framework for the video and addresses other key elements such as structure, music, voiceover, graphics and more. We present our ideas to project stakeholders and obtain sign-off on a Creative Brief.


We Create

During this part of our process, we orchestrate the filming, develop motion graphics, complete sound design and more.

We combine all of the resources necessary – from film crews to animators to voiceover talent – that bring the vision of the project to life. Within this process, you can expect to see three versions of your video before we finalize and complete the project. A rough cut provides a first impression, the fine cut includes adjustments from your team and the final cut provides a way to check for any last-second tweaks before we prepare the files.


We Deliver

A video isn’t complete until we have the final deliverables designed to specifications.

We ensure the video is encoded properly and adheres to any other unique distribution requirements. Our team makes sure every pixel is perfect and the audio is crystal clear. We also provide any other elements required such as closed captioning files or even translated versions of the video.

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